Community Candids #1 - The Beer Fairiez

Welcome to the first of many Community Candids. Our goal has always been to be more than a soccer team and to make our community a better place through soccer. Like us, there are so many people in our community who are doing great things and making their neck of the woods a better place. We're here to bring their efforts to light and celebrate the members of our community who go out of their way to make people smile, help people who need it, and make the Maryland community a better place to live, work, and play.

Not much goes better together than beer and soccer. In Montgomery County, "The Beer Fairiez" are making sure that front line workers and first responders are getting the thanks they deserve in their own special way. We sat down (virtually) with Jen and Josh Bienstock, the founders of The Beer Fairiez and the #CraftingGratitude initiative that is going some great (and delicious) work in Montgomery County.

Who are you and where are you located?

We're Jen and Josh Bienstock and we're The Beer Fairiez.  We're located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  

What was the inspiration for making "The Beer Fairies" come to life?

When COVID forced us into quarantine we really missed our friends and family. One day, as a “thank you” for sharing some masks, we dropped a mixed 4-pack (“a drop”) of local craft

beer to our friends. The excitement over the simple gift was infectious. A light-bulb went off that there were ways to connect with others, even if it could not be done in traditional ways. Something very important to us in general, but especially during uncertain times.  From there, we started dropping craft beer to friends and family with a note from "The Beer Fairiez" and encouragement to continue spreading cheer to others.

What does giving back in your own way mean to you?

We feel that it is very important to connect and support our community.  We've been able to do that during a time when being with others is very difficult

What do you want people to know about what you're trying to accomplish?

This is a movement that anyone can join. It's so important to stay connected with our community during trying times.  Virtually everyone is struggling through life during the

pandemic, and to the extent that we can all spread just a little bit of cheer to one another, we should.  Simple acts of kindness like dropping off some craft beer to someone can make a huge impact on someone's day.  If, for no more than a few minutes, you can know that you helped to brighten someone's day.   What about the #CraftingGratitude Initiative?

We started the #CraftingGratitude initiative to thank front-line workers (everyone from mail carriers to nurses to law enforcement to fire fighters to grocery store employees....etc.) in Montgomery County for everything they have done to keep us safe and the community functioning during the pandemic.  This initiative has the added benefit of allowing us to provide our partner breweries (Denizens, Elder Pine, Silver Branch, True Respite....all of which are located in Montgomery County) with much needed cash flow.  It's easy to forget that these breweries are small businesses too, a segment of society that has been hit especially hard by the pandemic.  


So far, The Beer Fairiez have raised enough funds to thank 324 front-line workers with a stated goal of 1500+. Want to help their cause? You can help express your gratitude for these people by going to and donating!

The positive attitude and initiative that Jen and Josh show for this project and making other people smile (while supporting some great local breweries) is infectious and we're proud to share a county with them. With everything going on and the lack of "real" soccer games lately, we are excited to continue to follow The Beer Fairiez in thanking our front-line workers and making our community a better place. Who knows, you may get a drop from the Maryland Bobcats!

Want to follow The Beer Fairiez on their mission? (Of course you do):

@thebeerfairiez on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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