Community Candids #2 - "BLACK LIVES MATTER" Mural in MoCo + Local Art Platform

Welcome to the second edition of Community Candids! This edition focuses on George Dominguez and his small business at "Home Court" in Silver Spring, MD.

One of many creatives from Silver Spring, George is also a small business owner alongside a Creative Collective Group under the same roof at Home Court, located at 906 Philadelphia Avenue in Silver Spring MD. This summer, George and the collective got together to paint a BLACK LIVES MATTER mural on the street running in front of the store. We sat down (virtually) to hear the thinking behind it.

What was the inspiration for making the street mural come to life?

With the recent events happening around our country especially after the George Floyd murder, a couple of my business partners (Rich, Will, Mario) and I participated in a couple of protest marches in DC right in front of the White House. We felt the strong tension between the Police and Protestors and a week later (in mid July) Rich, a couple others and I decided to put together Peaceful Protest March in the community we grew up in. I myself felt like that wasn't enough to just participate in peaceful protest marches. So I had an idea to make a mural on the store front of Home Court. Jokingly, I told Rich I was going to do it and his response was reassuring and supportive. I had his full support to do it, so I designed and scaled it out on my laptop, and asked a couple of friends to help build and manifest my vision.

What does the Black Lives Matter movement mean to you?

Richard Bird, left, and George Dominguez stand on Philadelphia Avenue in Silver Spring, where the “Black Lives Matter” mural was painted in the road.

To me its deeper then just those 3 words BLACK LIVES MATTER. All my life I've experienced and seen injustice, police brutality, racism, and poverty. This movement has recently just caught the eyes and ears of many but not all see how deep rooted the struggles and problems are on a daily basis. It's great that it is getting the attention, but we have a long way to go. I have 2 daughters and many nieces and nephews growing up in these COVID times and on top of that, we have the injustice and killings going on in America. I/we have a responsibility to them and all my peers to lead by example in our communities first! But, we can not do it by ourselves, we need others to join the fight and push toward change and equality for the future of our children.

Besides being a store, Home Court also tries to give platforms to local artists and creatives to practice, display their skills, and make their community a more colorful place.

Home Court's building, located in Silver Spring, MD

For more information on Home Court, follow their social pages:

Twitter: @HomecourtDMV

Instagram: @homecourtdmv

Facebook: Home Court

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