Maryland Bobcats FC Partner with Unforeseen Visions

December 17, 2019 - Rockville, MD - Maryland Bobcats FC are happy to announce a new community partner with the non-profit Unforeseen Visions. Unforeseen Visions was created to provide a platform where people from all over the globe can connect through resourceful outlets such as sports (and specifically soccer), education, health and fitness, and mentorship programs.

Unforeseen Visions was created in 2015 to provide the visions and resources needed to help connect the international community through academic support in schools, health and fitness through exercise and sports, and to provide entertainment and networking opportunities to people of the different areas of the DC Metropolitan area. The organization is made up of a group of distinguished scholars from different professional backgrounds representing countries from the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and citizens of United States of America. These professionals have experience in business, government, education, law, consulting/private sector, and entertainment.

The group wants to help build a strong foundation of academic support, health, dance, fitness, recreation, entertainment, and networking opportunities for students and people in need of assistance in any particular field no matter their background. They also provide mentorship programs for the youth within their community and also extends their helping hand to the community at large by providing several forms of assistance including food drives, clothes drives, and free health clinics in collaboration with other organizations.

On of the major ways that Unforeseen Visions accomplishes their goals and raises money is through soccer tournaments. They put on tournaments across the country which most recently included the 4th Annual Turkey Showdown Indoor Tournament and the upcoming Tis the Night Before Christmas Eve Tournament. Teams pay an entry fee and the winners receive a prize, but all other proceeds go towards their charitable works and giving back to the community.

As one of the owners of Maryland Bobcats FC, Jide Saba is excited for the partnership and is looking forward to the continued chance to make his community a better place: "We are a organization that likes to give back to the community and help those that are in need. The staff at Unforeseen Visions think like us - they want to make the world a better place. With this partnership we hope that together we can reach more people that need help within the DMV area and also outside of our bubble. Leroy is a great community spokesperson and we hope together we will accomplish great things!"

We are looking forward to becoming more ingrained with Unforeseen Visions and helping them give back to the community. For my information and to keep up to date with upcoming soccer tournaments, follow them on Facebook at "Unforeseen Visions" and on Instagram at @unforeseen_visions.

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